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Let's call this post :)>- Two-fer Tuesday Ten, because you have to read skim this one to get to the next one. Okay? ;;)

I'm linking up with Tuesday Ten where we are sharing the first ten posts we wrote on our blogs.

My first ten posts on this website were written between June and October of 2010. Back then my URL was postconfidential(dot)blogspot(dot)com and my blog title was Sporadic Publication. 

I signed my first post with my name backwards Aynek Noillag Nosnhoj. 

I wrote in one ginormous paragraph and no one in the blogiverse knew I existed.

So here we go.

My First 10 Blog Posts

My 1st post is a poem about being Refreshed. Papa Bear and Baby Bear had traveled to Louisiana, and within that time I had a much needed break and started writing again. Blogging was new to me.

My 2nd post which was published on the same day as the poem, is the first post I actually wrote to my blog. It is titled, Here I go...

My 3rd post is another poem about waking up past My Time.

My 4th post is one paragraph where I am claiming, It's all about me...

My 5th post is my first getting my feet wet blog blog titled That moment at Barnes & Noble. 

My 6th post is one I really love for it's story but I've never shared it again because of it's length - End of one chapter and the beginning of another. 

My 7th post is totally not my style. I shared My Best Life using an idea from Oprah magazine.

My 8th post is another favorite about how bad I wanted The next best thing... an iPhone.

My 9th post titled Time for a Change is still relevant.

My 10th post is the first of these ten that I cleaned up from a giant paragraph and shared with Finish the Sentence Friday - "When I was younger I tried... many things." - Rhythm of Words

If you can get past the ginormous #-oparagraphs, the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th (cleaned up) are my favorites of the first ten.

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