I'm Vain...

Bitmoji app - create a likeness of yourself when you don't want to show your  real  self

Bitmoji app - create a likeness of yourself when you don't want to show your real self

Last week when my parents were here, daddy and I were talking about some dental work he had recently. He was so glad it was over and that you couldn't see such and such on his teeth anymore. That wasn't the first time he'd mentioned it so I said, "I didn't notice that. I didn't know you were so vain." 

Almost as soon as I said the words I wanted to take them back. Because now he'll pay me back for every cosmetic thing I complain about and say, "I didn't know you were so vain."

I am, and I must get it from him

At yesterday's event I took a picture of our setup and had my husband take a picture of me. I never ask him to take a second picture if I didn't like the first one. He's a photographer and first of all he's annoyed with using my phone to take a picture of me to put on Facebook. I didn't like the picture of course, so I didn't post it to Facebook and I'm not showing you either. Vain.

I have my mom's hairline and daddy's forehead and they aren't complimentary. I recently cut some side bangs to kind of swoop over an eyebrow that I'm waiting to grow back. Vain.

I looked at the picture and said, "Ugh. I need to part my hair differently." The side swoop was colliding with side part and the I hope that's not receding hairline. Plus my face was puffy.

I sat there and obsessed with the part in my hair that I could do nothing about with the brush I had in my purse. 

That moment when any point will do for sectioning.

That moment when any point will do for sectioning.

Then I had an aha moment with a pen cap.

I used the pen cap to part my hair in a complimentary fashion.

I smiled at a few selfies.

Part solved, puffy face still there.

Selfie withheld.


The End

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