That moment when you're trying to read...

I have a soft spot for authors, because I am one. I am particularly thrilled by fiction writers, because I'm not one, yet. I have the greatest admiration for each one of my blogger friends who have written a fiction book: Bridget Straub, Kimberly H. Smith, now Beth Teliho. And I want everyone to be famous. I have had the thrill of being in contact with all three of them as I read their books. I don't know what that is the next best thing to, but I get a kick out of it. 

Yesterday, I wanted to keep Christopher inside to minimize his pollen exposure until he left for an outdoor birthday party. I was also trying to read Beth's book and it was good!

I tweeted to her that I walked past my family with sheets that I needed to put on the bed. They usually flee from my chores. But Christopher found me because he was bored. I told him I was reading and he kept talking to me anyway.

This close. =====>

I finally told him to, "SSSHHH" and he retreated like a dog with his tail between his legs. He said, "I'll be in my room if you need me." And I said, "Okay." 

Finally Christopher was gone to the party and I only had Papa Bear to contend with. He was napping when I came back from dropping Christopher off, and I tiptoed past him to resume reading. 

I was still reading when Christopher was dropped off back home. He said, "You've been reading this whole time?" He had been gone for three hours.

By this time Papa Bear was gone. Women's intuition told me he had been ignored long enough and that his long errand to Walmart also included eating chicken at Popeye's because he didn't want leftovers. I digress.

So I sent Christopher to his shower to wash the dust off. I had just a few more minutes before I really needed to engage my myself in whatever they were doing. Then I got sleepy.

I finished the book today with Christopher hovering over the percentage that I had left. 

Because I have a soft spot for authors, I never leave a review on any book unless I loved it. 

Order of SevenOrder of Seven by Beth Teliho
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Before I purchased this book, I saw the words "paranormal" and "romance" somewhere. I wanted to read this book but I knew that those descriptions alone didn't inspire me to ever read past the back cover of any book. It's like having a diverse taste for all types of music except rap and country and then you hear that one song and wonder what else you've been missing. I received this book on a Tuesday and had only read to 16% by the weekend - taking small bites at bedtime. By the time Saturday arrived and I picked it up again, I could not put it down. I'd like to thank the author for introducing me to another genre of writing.

I didn't win anything in the best wife or mother category this weekend. I was pretty rude if you want to sum up my existence. But I finished a great read and I'm telling you about it with about 6 hours weekend family time to spare.That's a mighty accomplishment.

Watch 'em leave and go somewhere without me. 

I hope you'll check out the Beth's book Order of Seven and the other authors I've linked above.