Green Smoothies Galore!

I have wondered about green smoothies... I've eyeballed them and thought  50/50 "that looks gross" or "that's pretty!"

Thanks to my cousin Kamilah and another blogger friend BritishMumUSA, I've stepped out of my vanilla, strawberry and peanut butter smoothie box. 

I didn't think I could get past drinking green because I hate peas - even though peas has nothing to do with this.

So my very first green smoothie was one my cousin Kamilah posted on Facebook. I took her word for it that it was "the tastiest" and I wanted to try it ASAP.

First I had to convince Papa Bear about my sudden need for a Nutri Ninja and then wait him out.

He's a juicer and didn't understand why that wouldn't suffice. It's not the same! ~nuff said.

So the day came to go buy the Nutri Ninja. I think he was more excited to use it than I was. I was still reading the manual when he was pulling stuff out of the refrigerator to make something. He was impressed with the smoothness of his concoction but I thought it tasted like carrot applesauce. 

I don't even have it in me to blog pretty recipes as I discover new smoothies, but I've found a bunch of other websites that nailed it. 

Do you have Flipboard?

Flipboard looks best on a tablet, but you can view it on your phone also.

If you are interested in experimenting with some green smoothies, I've already done the hard part and found lots of recipes. Just click on it to read the magazine. 

Flipboard makes it look like a recipe book for smoothie recipes. 

I feel like I'm the last one on the planet to get a Nutri gadget. Maybe I'm rehashing old smoothie news but I'm all excited like green is the new vanilla and wanted to share. 

So are you a smoothie drinker? Do you have a Nutri gadget?

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