Eyebrows 101: DIY

I took great lengths to remove the toilet from the photo just so I could show you my  new and improved eyebrows.

I took great lengths to remove the toilet from the photo just so I could show you my new and improved eyebrows.

Remember my post a couple weeks (2 posts ago) about being vain? As you can see, I have no problem sharing this photo. ===>

There seems to be a difference in sharing a photo that you tried really hard to look good for and one that took no effort at all.

'Sup with that?


Let's talk eyebrows...

Back in December, right before my birthday, I got my eyebrows done. They were perfect. Approximately a week later (too soon), I went back to get them re-perfected because we were leaving for Christmas vacation.

What I should have done was pluck the strays that had grown back.

But what had happened was, the barber made them skinnier.

Like I could see my eyebrow muscles after that.

Eyebrow muscles is something you shouldn't see unless you don't have any eyebrows.

There wasn't much I could do except look different.

By the time the new year rolled in, my eyebrows looked terrible.

On a day that they had grown back sufficiently enough to wax, I decided to fix them. I was in a hurry and using the regular bathroom mirror to see. Just as I was about to snatch off one of the muslin strips, Papa Bear came in and asked for my help with something. I snatched without thinking or looking closer to make sure the strip was in the right place. 

Sigh with me.

Nothing I could do. Except look different. And cut some side bangs. <==Excellent tutorial, btw.

My mom and I were going through similar butchering, so I did some research. I found this wonderful youtube video of a lady teaching how to tint eyebrows drum roll please.... with BEARD DYE!

This definitely worked to tint my thin eyebrows but didn't exactly do anything for my bald spot. So when the wind blew my side bangs, one might wonder what had happened?

So blog reading as I do, I stumbled upon a post about a magic eyebrow pencil.

Blogger Sara Pittman of Happy & humble introduced me to the Anastasia Brow Wiz, which you can find at Ulta, Sephora and Amazon. I had a gift card left over from Christmas, so out of desperation, I decided to splurge on this million dollar eyebrow pencil. Trust me that the price is the same everywhere. Ulta wouldn't even let me use their $3.50 off coupon. There was an "exclusion". Whatevs - this pencil is now going to be in what I hope is just an annual budget.

I'm finally down to like one or two strokes to pencil (fill in) the snatched spot. A month ago, as soon as I got out of the shower that was the first thing I did. Vain, I know. Now I can wait until I'm leaving the house.

One trick I learned from my mom, since we trade beauty secrets, is to outline the eyebrows with a pencil before waxing them. This is GENIUS! 

Now don't go using the million dollar eye pencil for this. Use a cheap one and trace the shape that you want, then wax along those lines. Eventually your eyebrows will match.

Mine are almost there!

Last tip: Buy a 20x suction magnifying mirror (if you can't see) to stick on your 10x magnifying mirror. You'll be able to see to pluck the stubborn hairs that didn't snatch out with the muslin strips. 

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