I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse...

Yep, that's my hair and shiny nose!

Yep, that's my hair and shiny nose!

For those of you who remember me when... y'all know I love me some APPS! I used to have a second blog just for TechBytes.

But things change and ain't nobody got time for that.

Unless it's for a good cause...

About apps...

I received a link to download this app to emoji my hair when I text voted for a special group of middle school girls to have a chance to win $15,000 for their organization.

The SPARK club at Blythewood Middle School - Columbia, SC., under the direction of two teachers, has won "Best in State" for second year in a row for their app design. The SPARK club developed an innovative app to help solve daily challenges familiar to secondary students [such as low self esteem, bullying (cyber, physical, and verbal), and more], and offer advice about personal and social acceptance. 


To help the girls win the $15K and receive the link to a free app - the one where I emojied my hair (not to be confused with their app) all you have to do is text StudySpark2 to 22333.

Easy peasy.

For anyone who is text challenged *cough* daddy, you type 22333 where the phone number goes and the text is StudySpark2. Click send.

The deadline is January 31st, but if you want to emoji your hair do it now. You'll receive a thank you for voting text along with the link to the free app.