The Rookie Fan, the Old Man & Football

For as long as you've known me IRL or via this blog, you know football hasn't been my thing. I had nothing but complaints for it. You can't love what you don't understand. This season (last year) was Christopher's third year of playing, and my first year really enjoying it.

One Sunday, early in the season, I was watching a Carolina Panthers game (they won of course) and I picked a team. 

Hello my name is Kenya Gallion Johnson. I am a rookie fan and I love the Carolina Panthers. I love Cam Newton and I'm old enough to be his mama.

I had to get on Facebook for a minute last night just to say something about it.

Mom and I had been texting back and forth the whole game. WHO KNEW (to both of us) that in 2015/16 we would be sitting down to watch an entire game!? Downton Abbey was our Sunday night given, not FOOTball

So Erin Andrews came on at half time. I don't love her. And she said, "Bla bla bla" about how the Panthers would play for the second half. I might have called her a name. Rookie fan here saying, "Don't talk about my team!"

Well that IS her job, but she had some snark going on.

So mom and I snarked back...

The Old Man


Last Saturday was daddy's birthday so Christopher and I headed to Columbia for the long weekend.  Prior to the visit, mom and I texted about being about to watch the game together AND Downtown Abbey. It was going to be a fun time. 

The game came on early and we were all settled and ready at 1:00. Daddy has two recliners and a sofa in the man cave. He usually sits on the sofa, mom in one recliner, while the other one remains empty because it doesn't face the television. Christopher and I took the sofa, mom sat in her recliner, leaving daddy chair-less. We watched him drag the other recliner across the floor while Carolina was making a touchdown in the first 15 minutes of the game.

Within a few minutes of the recliner sticking out like a sore thumb, I started to get the itch to rearrange. I just mentioned the possibilities and daddy started itching too. I didn't know we had this in common.  

The game had such a lead that it was no longer critical to watch every play, so daddy and I got to work. By halftime we had run Christopher and mom out of the room.

By the last half of the 4th quarter the score was too close for multitasking. We all sat down again in the newly rearranged space to finish watching.

After the game, we ran mom off again and continued to tweak pictures, plants, light bulbs and carpet fibers until we were satisfied.

It was truly fun!

Daddy in his new space

We moved the terrarium aka the old fish tank, to the other side of the room where you could see it, exchanging it with the recliner. Daddy doesn't sit on the sofa anymore. 

The recliner used to be here.

The recliner used to be here.

I went to check on him before mom and I settled in for Downton Abbey and he was happy. 


~The End~