Facebook won't get the best of me this year

This is my New Year's Resolution.

I've got to get my writing mojo back. 

In more ways than one Facebook hasn't been healthy for me. Sometimes it makes me angry, sometimes it makes me sad, sometimes it makes me wonder where the time went, and sometimes it makes me wonder what happened to the other half of my sandwich.

Facebook has made me laugh too but the bottom line is, with it at my fingertips, I'm not focused on the things I should be focused on like writing or going back to sleep and everything in between.

So I'm taking a break - just from the personal page.  It gave me serious pause to click DELETE.

But I did it....

Because I could stand  a lot less of what goes on there such as antagonizing news, the-EF-word, political rants and troll comments just to name a few.

It's not getting any better and I fear 2016 will be the worst it's ever been. 

As it pertains to Facebook I'll remain present on my fan page, in the writing groups and you can reach me in the Messenger app.

If we are Facebook friends and you write clean witty posts and share good stuff, I'll miss you, your dogs, your cats and kiddos!

Did you know there was an app just for groups? So glad I won't have to weed through Facebook to get there.

Facebook won't get the best of me this year!

Did you make any hyperventilating resolutions?

Don't hold me to any of this. 

Sporadically Yours