There's bigger fish and then there's microblogging

There's bigger fish than my lil' ole blog, but I wanna write something and not about that. I stumbled across a group of bloggers who microblog on Mondays. It's an excellent idea, but maybe Monday isn't going to be my day. The concept behind microblogging is to just write a few sentences of this and that, something you may have shared on facebook or didn't. BLOG about it, then you have a whole rambling post.

Let's start with the last thing I really did post to facebook....

14 to 14 - 3 seconds left. Tampa Bay kicks a field goal and makes it 😐 I want my bedtime back.
— Me on Facebook at approximately 11:30 PM

Yep, so I'm still a rookie fan of Carolina and it's no fun this year because they've only won one game so far. 

So our part of hurricane Matthew came this weekend. The winds were I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down loud! They were combined with crazy amounts of rain. We are fine. We never lost power and there's no damage to our property. There's just some yard clean up to be done from the branches that fell from trees. 

The schools are still closed here and we are on our third day of gorgeous weather. I learned something new about the aftermath of hurricanes. Even after the storm has passed, the flood waters will still rise and effect areas that were not initially impacted by the storm. The flood waters drain into the rivers and the rivers continue to rise. By this Saturday there are some areas where the rivers will rise to 15 feet ABOVE flood level. Again we are fine, but so many people aren't. We will be staying in our four corners of the world for a while. 

The weather - Prime Fall weather. Just lovely! Well actually downright cold at night and in the mornings but I love NC downright cold. Last night I had the bedroom window open just a slit for the fresh air. About three o'clock this morning I woke up to a bonfire smell. I know that smell and it makes me so mad. Fall is my favorite time of year and often I can't have the windows open because someone is burning leaves. 

Why anyone was trying to burn storm debris already, is beyond me. It couldn't possibly have dried out yet. So it was smoldering debris that wafted into my bedroom window last night and then I couldn't sleep. I can't fall asleep to smells and smells wake me up. 

Well that's about it on my few minutes of microblogging. I don't even wanna talk about the bigger fish. 

So, what's going on in your neck of the woods? Tell me something good.