Microblogging on the perfect cup of Joe and Scentsy stuff...

Just as I suspected, Tuesday is a better day for me and microblogging. I've had my workout and I've enjoyed a wonderful cup of decaf. I can't understand why somedays my coffee is perfect and sometimes is just okay. I do the exact same thing everytime.

I have an electric percolator and I use 4 level coffee scoops and fill it with water up to the two-line.

I drink out of the same coffee cup and use 3 Mini Moo's. I do know that all coffee scoops are not created equal so I use the same one. I put the cream in my cup first and then pour in the coffee until it's the just right color. Sometimes yum, sometimes blah.

I've found my new favorite Scentsy scent. I'd been wishing to find the perfect scent. But I can't take the credit for finding it. Daddy sniffed it out. 

When mom and dad visited a couple weeks ago, we went to a vendor fair at a local high school. I saw a tent with a whole BUNCH of Scentsy stuff and I was like oooh, I gotta go over there. I have a Scentsy lady that I'm faithful to so I was only going to sniff and maybe buy one thing, because I didn't want to cheat on her. I was so glad to see that it was her at the vendor fair, so I could go sniffing crazy. You don't want to go sniffing crazy and not buy anything. I bought 10 bars and one burner. I smelled every bar that she had there and had a definite pile and a maybe pile and then had to narrow it down. I told daddy to pick out something. He stopped sniffing when he got to the one. Judging a sniff by it's title, "World Traveler", I wasn't crazy about his choice. 

Once we got home, I traded him two cubes, so that I could try the World Traveler. I liked it! Hey Mikey! It's very close to replacing my favorite Yankee Candle scent, Midsummer's Night, which also happens to be daddy's favorite so I should have trusted his sniff.

Finally this weekend, I got my own two bars and a room spray. Now I'm going to have to put myself in Scentsy timeout. 

Funny story

So mom and dad took home the bar of World Traveler, minus the two cubes I traded out for Lemon something. Mom put ALL the World Traveler cubes in one burner downstairs and left daddy with the Lemon scent for his man cave.

When she wasn't around, he stole carved out the World Traveler and replaced her burner with lemon. Now I feel bad for only getting them one bar. I didn't know if was going to catch on. Daddy is such a creature of habit, I didn't think he could be torn away from Midsummer's Night. I did however, know that mom giving him the Lemon wasn't going to fly.
Lemon carcass

Lemon carcass

So mom confronted daddy. Look at his cute guilty face.

She immediately got on the computer and ordered him some more World Traveler bars and now everyone is happy. 

The End

  • Are you a Scentsy fan? If so, what's you're favorite scent?
  • What's a perfect cup of Joe for you? Tea?