Be Careful of What You Dump On Those Who Are Listening to You!

This time last week, I was sitting here pecking away at a blog post that I decided not to publish. I promise that within that post I did not totally go there, but I didn't want to give others an invitation to do so in my comments. I believe if you talk a certain kind of way then that's what you get from people in return. Of course that's the right thing to do but I received confirmation yesterday in word form. I need to read these devotionals everyday but yesterday's was so timely I wish I could copy and paste the whole thing right here.

It's from an old book so I'm going to see if perhaps there's a link to it. But anyway it was for November 15th and the title was Be Careful of What You Dump On Those Who Are Listening to You! So that's my attention grabbing title for today. -  FOUND IT!

So the last thing I posted on Facebook before my grand exit last week was that Christopher made straight A's on his report card. I took him to Rita's immediately after school. That was my treat to him. 

Later that evening, Papa Bear gave him a crisp $100 dollar bill, which was also part of his earnings for working with us at a Marine Corps Ball. Anyway, he was so excited. The money has been burning a hole in his pocket. He wanted to go to ToysRus to look at Nerf guns and I took him but I think he just wanted to inhale the idea of buying a new one because we won't. Yesterday he asked me if I could take him to Old Navy because he wanted to buy some joggers. It's a style of pants that I was familiar with but we didn't buy them as part of his school clothes because he didn't care what wore to school. So we bought five pairs of jeans like we always do. Well it has started. He cares. I had anticipated that by this Christmas he would start wanting clothes. My big boy is growing up.

When he tried on the pants I said, "Those are too short." You know, because what parent buys clothes that fit exactly for a growing child? He responded, "That's how they are supposed to look" and I had one of those thoughts in my head that my parents were somewhere saying, "PAYBACK". So then my parents words came right out of my mouth and said, "It's your money."

He bought one pair so that he could wear them today and we ordered two more. If you're reading this today, Old Navy is having an online sale that ends today (Nov 16th). If you use the promo code FRIENDS, you'll get 40% off your entire purchase. He paid the same for two pair online that he paid for one pair in the store. 

On Saturday night Forrest Gump was on television. I own the DVD but every time it comes on television, I'll watch it. Christopher came in the room and said he would watch it too. He really enjoyed the movie which made me really excited to watch some other movies with him. So on Monday after he was done with his homework we watched Cast Away. He was really quiet when Tom Hanks lost Wilson. He said, "I know how he feels. I think I would feel like that if I lost Teddy." Awwww. There's my little boy! 

Next I will find the movie Big another Tom Hanks favorite and the movie Turner and Hooch.

Yesterday Christopher was doing his reading homework and I did a double take at the book he had in his hand. I said, "I READ THAT!" It happened to be one of the first books mom bought me once upon a time ago and I still have it. I had to dig it out. Since he was not excited about his reading assignment, he was also not excited about my copy, so I'm showing it to you. 


Aside from an attention grabbing title, this microblog happened to be all about Christopher. He let me take his picture before he left for school and gave me permission to use it in my post! 

Have a great day!

  • What's your favorite Tom Hanks movie?
  • Do you have a treasure from childhood, such as your first book?