A Look Inside The Christopher Chronicles 2.0

A week flew by didn't it? I wanted to regular blog in between my Monday Marketing posts, but here we are on Monday again so soon!

I mentioned last week that I would pass on some more book publishing tips, but I'm totally unprepared for that because....

This time last week, I didn't know I'd be ready TODAY, to announce...

The Christopher Chronicles is available for pre-order!

If you are a subscriber to my blog or book marketing newsletter, you already knew this because I sent you a special announcement last week.

Look Inside

Christopher's adjective to describe this book is "DELECTABLE" - like DEEE-LICIOUS. Delectable is a word that I thought he made up years ago. The first time he said it, he was being pulled in a wagon by Granddaddy to an ice cream shop. After eating his ice cream, he said, "MMMM DEEEELECTABLE!"

Christopher wanted the subtitle of the book to be called "Mmmm Delectable", I said, "That's not even a real word." Glad I didn't make a bet. I looked up delectable just for kicks, and lo and behold it is an adjective that means delicious in describing a food or drink. It also means (humorous) extremely beautiful or attractive with even more delightful synonyms.

One look inside and you will agree!

The Christopher Chronicles 2.0 is a “delectable” update and available for pre-order!

This 221-page book includes over 200 original Christopherisms and an index to find your way back to your favorites. 

The Christopher Chronicles 2.0
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When you order from me, you'll get a signed copy with this delectable bookmark. 

Next week, I'll be back with some Monday Marketing tips for my self-publishing comrads. 

So have you ever heard, or used the word 'delectable'?