Some things change. Some things remain the same.

It's a Leap Year Post

F our years ago today I wrote, "I hope I will still be writing in this blog – no matter what." It's kinda cool that I am still here. For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer.

If I had a tally mark for every time I changed my blog design in the last four years it might looks something like this.

There would pages of tally marks for all my little tweaks. 

Shout out to Squarespace for allowing me to keep things fresh. 

If been faithful to the them for almost five years. 

It was December 2012 after I had published the 1st Christopher Chronicles, that I bought my own URL and moved from Blogger to Squarespace

In four years, as far as templates go, what's in and what's needed, I think Squarespace finally nailed it for bloggers. 

In four years, my blog has been purple and gold with daisies in the header, it's been red, white and black, it's been green, and green and blue, I've had big image headers, several blog titles, a sidebar, then no sidebar and then a sidebar again. I've had dozens of font changes.

I've finally settled on a color scheme and just recently I settled on a brand logo. So today it might not look shockingly different, but it is a new template called Tudor.

My blog page is a magazine style layout, with black and white cards and callout dates.

Squarespace has integrated "related posts", so I no longer have to use a 3rd party widget and they updated social sharing so it matches now.

My follow links and search tool are finally in the header and if you click on the menu button, there's a slide out for navigation to my other pages, quick view access to order The Christopher Chronicles and subscribe to my blog. 

There's also a cool progress indicator on the bottom left. 

This is a fully loaded customizable template, that looks nice and clean on mobile and I couldn't be more pleased.

Notice anything different today? I didn't mention everything.

How do you read my blog, from the computer or from a mobile device?