It's Comic Relief For Adults

It has happened again. #-oSight unseen, someone thought The Christopher Chronicles 2.0 was a children's book. :-<I thought the thicker book and more grown up cover on this latest edition would make that evident, but I must be screwing up my marketing blurbs. Let me reiterate, The Christopher Chronicles books are comic relief books for adults.
I allowed myself a minute to pout about the facebook inquiry to my children's book [-) responded politely, then quickly put together an ad to post on social media. I wanted to boost the post from my facebook page but Facebook disapproved it because it was too wordy. :-< So it's just sitting there. It has reached thirteen people and that includes mom and dad.
I don't split poles or walk on cracks. I knock on wood, cross my fingers and totally freak out if a black cat crosses my path. I don't like that unlucky "13" reached. So please help me out by liking the post so it will get seen. Many thanks! ^:)^

I totally want to be a children's author. I am a writer who wears many genre hats. I write poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and children's stories. It just so happens the comic relief - that is Christopher was first to publish. He is the Knight and Shining Armor who pulled this writer from her turtle shell to create and publish The Christopher Chronicles

The latest edition is now live on Amazon in every country.