Coffee Break: Peace, Writing & Shopping

Same time, different place. And oooh I like it here. Jazz is playing and I have a comfy corner with a people watching view. I'm at Starbucks on base today. I needed to buy a graduation gift and a few grocery items. The Commissary, PX and Starbucks are all the same walking distance strip. 

Today Christopher had a half day. So I was able to get him to basketball on time. With more time to play with, I decided to venture on base. It seems far but it was 10 minutes closer than my drive to Barnes & Noble. The traffic pattern should be okay when I leave, but I'll give myself and hour just in case. When I dropped Christopher off he said, "Mom, you don't have to drop me off RIGHT in front of the door." Thank goodness for that. My spirit is at peace today. And did I mention that jazz is playing?

I've already taken care of the graduation gift and card. I'm feeling quite organized because the graduation isn't until Mother's Day weekend. So I'm doing good on time.

I pretty sure my gift recipient does not read my blog, so I can tell you that she's getting three Alex & Ani bracelets. One is her initial, like mine, it's a pretty K. Another is a graduation cap. The third is a surprise just in case her mother reads this post. I love Alex & Ani bracelets. They are my current collectables. Here's one of my Instagram photos of me wearing the gold. The bracelets come in either a Rafaelian Gold or Silver finish and all of them have a meaning. 

Anyway shout out to "K", she's graduating from college in four years flat, at the top of her class AND she already has a job lined up. The girl is on fire!

I still have to go to the commissary so I need to wrap this up to give me time to drift in there. That place is huge and I don't know it very well. What I like about the commissary is that they have a nice variety of snacks and foods from other cultures. Most often these foods are not as fattening as American foods. My snack today is Japanese. Well I thought it was Japanese. The English title is Crunchy Rice Snack. Underneath that it reads Croquant de Riz Snack and under that Rolce Dulce Crujiente de Arroz. Definitely not Japanese.

I bought a wok while I was in the PX. I'll have to go to the store AGAIN tomorrow, because I left the recipe at home that I want to use with it. I know for sure I'll be trying a vegetable fried rice and a cauliflower rice which looks like couscous. Today I'm buying dried fruits and nuts to make a healthy granola. I had thought I would put the granola on yogurt, but the cookbook also suggested a bowl of fruit like strawberries and blueberries, topped with the granola and almond milk. I like that option better. 

That's it for me today! When I sat down here today I just said I'm going to let my fingers to the talking. No agenda. I'm enjoying writing these B&N posts. I hope you're enjoying reading them. I haven't blogged this much in years. 

It feels good!

The End

  • What's your fashion fetish?

  • Are you an early gift buyer?

  • Do you own a wok?

  • What is your go to healthy snack?

Sporadically Yours, Kenya