Coffee Break: In A Sentimental Mood #MondayMusings

It's now four days later and I am still carrying over a little "Prince Died" funk. I was putting those feelings aside and then I answered some comments today from my Friday post. I commented on one that I didn't want to know the results of the autopsy. I realized that in my mind as it was reported, he just died in an elevator. End of story. I could go on watching Purple Rain and listening to his music without being sad, rather celebrating him as an artist and his life as I knew it.

I realized today that the reason I have not played a Whitney Houston song on purpose since her death is because listening to her reminds me of the way she died, thus making me sad. 


So it's coffee break day and I've returned to the Starbucks on base. It's closer, and on base I can kill two or three birds with one stone. Now I wish I hadn't spent $25 on a Barnes & Noble membership card. I can even leave my seat to go to the bathroom without packing my laptop away. I walk in today and recognize the jazz instrumental In A Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington.

I sat down and asked Siri, "What song is that playing right now?" Siri told me that I was listening to The Stand by Stephen King. I sighed. Closed the audible app and asked the question again." Then I got, "I'm sorry Kenya, I didn't get that." Perhaps too much background noise. People aren't using their inside voices. Then I remembered, you're supposed to ask Siri to "name that tune."


I knew that I knew the song from the movie Love Jones and "Mood" was in the title, so I went to iTunes and satisfied my curiosity. Thanks for nothing Siri. Moving on.


I'll pause movies and shows trying to recall where I know that actor from. Papa Bear hates when I drop everything for my source I've had that app on a device ever since apps was a thing. 

I've even listened to some audiobooks and said, "Hey, that's Sophia!" But I had to prove it to myself and look up the other books performed by the narrator and sure enough it was "Sophia". Trivia question below...


Someone is in here listening to videos - like youtube videos with ridiculous laughing in it. It's distracting my flow in a pat your head and rub your tummy kind of way. 

I'm gonna go ahead and close out. One of the birds to kill today is going into the commissary for a few things. I love it! I've got my cold bag in the trunk with ice packs to take home some fruit. 

Remember the granola I had to buy ingredients for last week? It was so delicious. I cut up a banana, strawberries and threw in some blueberries, topped with the granola and some almond milk. My belly and mind were full until lunch - no snack grazing. I bought the cookbook but you can also find that recipe at skinnytaste(dot)com. 

So some trivia for movie watchers and book readers:

  • Do you remember characters, Luke and Sophia? 
  • Spoiler Alert: Luke and Sophia had a happy ending.
  • Hint: I have fired this author from my reading list because he/she has broken my heart and put me in a sentimental mood too many times.
  • Unrelated - shouldn't people respect coffee shop ambience by treating it like a library, or do I just need to go to one. I pass by one of those too.