10 Great Mother's Day Gifts You Can Get Free Shipping w/ Amazon Prime

Mother's Day isn't just about gifts and cards. It is a day to remember, honor and celebrate the woman who is Mother to you. But if there ever was a wish list...

1. Does she like to workout and keep track of her steps? This Fitbit Blaze is sure to get her excited to do even more, especially when matching her outfits with interchangeable bands. 

2. Does she like to read? Amazon Kindle has a variety of e-readers. The most popular e-reader is the Kindle Paperwhite. Don't forget to accessorize it with her favorite color. 

3. Does she bake? I don't know a woman who wouldn't want a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer! I bought one for myself on Mother's Day over five years ago. Best investment ever. They sell this in many colors but I'd keep it classic and go with black or white. 

4. Is she hard to please? You can't EVER go wrong with a gift card! You can e-mail it for same day delivery. Make sure you send a REAL card though. 

5. Does she already have everything? You can't go wrong with flowers either. They come fresh in a box. I have nice vases I received as wedding presents, so I always switch my flowers over to one of those. Tulips are lovely for Mother's Day.

6. Does she love jewelry? This purchase can be tricky. You can't go wrong with starting her a new collection. Did you know Amazon sold Alex and Ani bracelets?

7. Does she like to cook? Some women don't like domestic gifts for Mother's Day. But hey, if it's something that makes cooking quick and easy, I'll take it. Pressure cooking will have you enjoying your evenings before the sun goes down.

8. Does she like to color? I know I do. The Zen coloring books are so fun. Colored pencils are nice, but gel pens are the best!

9. Does she love chocolate? Need I write more?

10. Does she love to laugh? Send her a copy of my book, The Christopher Chronicles. It just so happens to be the most affordable gift on this list! :-j

I'm not Amazon Prime, I can't get my book to you in two days. But shipping is included, along with a bookmark and best of all, it's signed by me! Order today and you'll have it by Mother's Day! 

  • If you got to chose just one of these items today, other than my book, what would be your #1 choice?
  • Did you know that you can have flowers delivered through Amazon? 
  • Is there a product on this list you own and love, besides The Christopher Chronicles?
  • Have you ever bought yourself a Mother's Day gift?