I wrote something and pissed off no one!

I've been off of Facebook for 30 days. I've tunneled through the withdrawal and come out with a clearer head. 

I started a new blog "series" and named it Coffee Break. This week, I received a comment that said, "I'm enjoying your new series." That gave me a BIG smile.Thanks you.

It was quite unintentional how it came about. Two days a week, I drop Christopher off at basketball camp, head to the nearest Starbucks and pull out my laptop. Without a prompt to go on, I just start writing. 

For me writing or not writing is not all about having the time. I've lost quality time worrying about what to write and who was going to read it. It's held me back and it's steered me. I've worried about it being boring, I've worried about being relevant and I've worried about writing too often.:-@When I can get past that, I post and hope that everyone who sees the link in my Facebook feed will read it and like it before I write another one.;))

You don't really get that instant of an instant gratification with a blog post. No one is going to like it the minute they see it pop up. Lots of clicks and you still won't know if they liked it at all.

So I logged on to Facebook yesterday. I accepted two friend requests and deleted 150 friends.

Some I hovered over for a minute, some I deleted by accident - oops & oh well, and some I didn't know who they were anyway. Unfriend, unfriend, and unfriend while singing Janet Jackson's what have you done for me lately...

Some were sisters of friends, some were brothers of friends, and some were kids of friends. Unfriend. Some were my daddy's friends, some were blogger friends and some were my husband's friends. Unfriend. Most of them I never saw posts from anyway and I wondered if they ever saw mine. Needless friends. 

Most of those friend requests I had accepted because it was one more person who I could market my book to and one more person who might read my blog. But when I logged on yesterday, I only had a handful of notifications for the ten posts I had shared over the month of April.

So maybe I had a tantrum with my friends list.

When it comes to sharing online... I thought a friends list would have been more supportive.

Blah. I had already written a good chunk of a different post on Wednesday during my coffee break. The title was I Can Only Be Me. Then yesterday I read The Jack B's Words Are The Death Of A Blogger and had one of those I can't finish my post now because I've been influenced by another. 

Then I changed the whole doggone thing. So when it comes to sharing online... what Jack said.

Remove doubt and uncertainty about whether your posts will be loved and appreciated and just write. Put pen to paper, finger to keyboard and punch out the posts. - The Jack B

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