Writing withdrawal makes my soul feel like an unwatered plant

I am on a Facebook break again. I stopped getting up at 5:am when the time changed. Not that one has anything to do with the other, but I needed to regroup. Since I lost one hour of my day, my writing mojo went along with it.

So what's going on in Kenya's world?

Christopher started a basketball camp this week. It was one of those things that I was not for because of its inconvenience to me. But we make sacrifices for our kids right? That's in the fine print of the parenthood contract.

He LOVES basketball. But in all these years of playing his skill and playing time advantage has been his height. You see these little kids all the time who can really ball and you wonder if they were born with that skill or if it's been trained into them. I don't know the answer but I know Christopher wasn't born with it. We can see that he was starting to get discouraged.

Middle school is a-whole-nother ballgame

So we made an investment of time and money so that Christopher can attend this camp. It'll have him better prepared for if/when he plays basketball for the middle school. When it really comes down to it, I'm happy we are able to do it for him.

It's six months long, three times a week. He will have the month of July off. The place is a 30-minute drive from the house and on Monday and Wednesday he's there from 3:00 to 6:30. On Friday's they will play a game from 5:00 to 6:30 and surely I'll have to stay and watch.

You see what I mean about inconvenience? That's too far to come back home and it's in the middle of nowhere. The place looks like a barn with a tile floor, and it's on the property of a plant nursery. When I went in there, my immediate reaction was this is where stars are born, like that raggedy place where Rocky trained. The main coach would even remind you of a Black Mickey.

My game plan for this week was to go hang out in Barnes & Noble while he was there. B&N would be about 15 minutes away. But this week it's worked out where Papa Bear was able to take him and then I went to pick him up. 

I'm thinking this might not be so bad. I lost an hour in the morning but I've gained three and a half hours twice a week, minus the driving right? I can blog or read during that time. 

Anticipating my new schedule, I decided to take a Facebook hiatus and take care of me. Again, not that one has anything to do with the other but I can't play with other apps if I'm losing time on Facebook. I'm tracking my food and water intake. 

I downloaded an app called Plant Nanny which I have set to remind me to drink waterI love water, but GOOD LAWD I have to drink a lot of water according to my body weight! Now I know what my body feels with and without proper amounts of water. When you're dehydrated it is very hard to get up in the morning, like I felt today. 

The first day I went to go pick up Christopher, I had to stop twice. I had to buy mints from CVS so it didn't look like I came in just to use the bathroom. Then the last place to stop was Bojangles, but a lady was TMI sick in there so I backed out quickly. 

I arrived at the gym and had to use the bathroom there. Yesterday I went without water for most of the afternoon until we got home. Because imagine what it's like for a girl to pee at Mickey's gym. Ewww!


I'll start the conversation with a question. Can you use the bathroom any-ole-where? If you stop to use it at a store, do you feel like you have to buy something?

This rambling post was written for Finish the Sentence Friday where the prompt this week is "I write because...". When I woke up this morning and saw my wilted plant, I knew what I would write about. It's relevant enough.