Coffee Break: Show & Tell

Iam going to jump right in because I only have an hour left. I prepped my post earlier today. My title photo is actually from last Wednesday, when I hogged four comfy seats. This is a BIG Starbucks, so I didn't feel bad taking that space for myself. I wasn't really hogging the spot. But I know if there were other seats available that I would not come over here to sit unless I knew the person. It would be like going sit by a stranger in an empty movie theatre.

Today I'm sharing 10 pictures from my cellphone. I rarely share pictures (because it takes too long). There are a lot of food pictures on my cellphone but I'll spare you and skip over most to make a more interesting list. 


I make my salad first thing in the morning so that I have to eat it. Sometimes when I am hungry for lunch or dinner, I am too hungry to make a salad. On Coffee Break days, we don't get home until 7:00 so it's nice to have MY dinner ready even if I have to eat standing up.


This was the last thing I ate yesterday. PB2 & Honey, apples, crackers, and chamomile tea. Once upon a time, I read something about foods that keep you awake and what you should eat if you do want a snack before bed. I slept like a baby last night!

#3, 4, 5, 6

The next four pictures are from an Air Show we went to this weekend. Initially, Christopher did not want to go. He wanted to stay home and play with his friends. The closer we got the Air Show, the louder he got (with excitement). When we got there he was talking about hoping to see this and that. I said, "You sure are talking a lot, for somebody who didn't want to come here." He gave me the I know, I'm guilty look. We enjoyed ourselves. It was hot but cloudy so we didn't burn or sweat. 

Christopher and I in the cockpit of the plane below

Christopher and I in the cockpit of the plane below

A rare glimpse of Papa Bear

A rare glimpse of Papa Bear


I shared this photo on Facebook and I think it is adorable. This is my brother's 86-year-old mother-in-law reading The Christopher Chronicles 2.0 to Wyatt. They both have big smiles don't you think? Wyatt is saying, "Ha! That was funNY!"


Whoa! Papa Bear again. This is Christopher's first lesson on riding the lawnmower. He was so excited. Let's see how he feels about this when it is his job. He doesn't realize how lucky he is that we don't have a push mower. You haven't done chores until you wash and dry dishes by hand, push a lawnmower and hang out clothes. Kids today - must be nice!


This is my room (the office). I've been making it more and more my room over the past year. Last year I repainted it. That's my grandmother's rocking chair that I reupholstered. I had it in a perfect spot in the living room but I wasn't using it there. It's better suited here. 

I found the step stool in my closet. I had forgotten about it. It used to be in Christopher's bathroom for him to reach the sink. I remember when I bought it. White would have been a better match for the bathroom, but I thought ahead for a time that I could use it as a foot rest with the rocking chair.  The "Crowned" pillow I got from a ladies night a church a couple weeks ago. It has Psalms 65:11 underneath Crowned. That scripture reads:

You crown the year with Your goodness, And Your paths drip with abundance - Psalms 65:11

#10 & 11

I also shared the photo on the left on Facebook this weekend with the caption, "I used to rock this big boy in that chair!" If I haven't already mentioned it, he is officially taller than me. Since he is 5'5", that means my rounding up has finally caught up with me. 

He has a room AND a kitchen table.  Insert side eye here.

He has a room AND a kitchen table. Insert side eye here.

Concluding with eleven photos, and I did not finish this on my coffee break. I finished it while sitting down and eating my salad. 

  • If there were other seats available would you go sit by the stranger not using the three other comfy seats?
  • Do you take pictures of your food?
  • So you see, my big boy was in "my space". Do you have a spot at home that is truly yours? 
  • Do you round up your height?

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