Jazz, Peace, Tea Time & Blogging about Borrowing Stuff

My header photo today is where I've been sitting during my coffee breaks. Today and for the moment, I have the whole section to myself. It's an absolutely gorgeous day and people are sitting outside. I'll take Jazz, Peace & Tea indoors for $2.15 Alex. I just need to remember to stay under my $2 budget in the future. I'll get weak tea or strong coffee.

I wanted tea today and I got a Grande because they give you two teabags and I like my tea strong. I ordered the Oprah Cinnamon Chai - delish by the way. 

I just clicked over to the BlogHer Writing Lab prompt for today because I don't feel my coffee break writing flow coming. Maybe I should have stuck with the coffee.

Anyway, I'm going to roll with it even though I got nuthin'.

Monday, May 16, 2016 - What was the last thing your borrowed? If you still have it, snap a picture.

Here's another picture of the space I'm borrowing in Starbucks. Shout out to the Starbucks aboard Camp Lejeune - IT. IS. LOVELY. 

Last Wednesday when I dropped Christopher, I forgot my purse. No ID, no $2. So I couldn't come on base. I still had my snacks and my laptop with me. I drove on my best driving behavior to Barnes & Noble since I had that jerk cop run in last week.

I ate my snacks, borrowed Barnes & Noble's wifi and wrote:

The base Starbucks is definitely a keeper. I don't like it here. It's noisy and I can't even hear the crappy music that is playing. My fifth blog post, written nearly 6 years ago was about how the atmosphere at Barnes & Noble had changed. 

I closed my laptop and left. It was too cold in there anyway. I figure they keep it like that for people like me who don't buy anything but sit in the cafe with their own snacks, borrowing the wifi and taking up space.

So I ended up at Christopher's basketball camp and sat for nearly two and a half hours. There was a lady there and I asked, "Do you stay here the whole time?" She said she stayed because she didn't want to put miles on her car. I assume she must drive something that takes premium gas. She said she was looking for a "beater" car to run around in, then she wouldn't sit there the whole time. Good I thought because she was making the rest of us look bad. I told her the only reason that I was back so soon is because I didn't have any money or my drivers license. 

But on the real about borrowing, I don't like to borrow stuff. So I can't tell you when and what was the last thing I borrowed from someone. I stress about getting things back to people. Not that I would EVER, but I don't want to be like that one person who takes a to go plate on a real plate and never returns the real plate. You know stuff like that. 

One day we were over someone's house and I recognized one of our dishes. It was actually one of Papa Bear's before me dishes. After all these years we still have one plate left and he still uses it. I've actually made that a to go plate for someone and it always comes back. Of all the stuff I break (on accident), that last remaining plate has survived almost 19 years of marriage and has moved more than I have. But anyway, had it been a dish that I wanted back I would have said, "You know that's my plate, right?" 

So that's all I've got on this borrowing topic. 

  • What do you tend to borrow?
  • Do you stalk the return of your dishes?
  • Have you ever left the house without all your essentials but had to keep going?