I've literally been in the closet... that and other lifestyle changes

Apparently I'd rather clean my closet than blog these days. Christopher asked me if organizing my closet was my new hobby...

We had some extra shelves leftover from when Papa Bear rescued my closet in December 2012. At the time I didn't have time for a closet collaspe or a vision for what it should look like. So tall Papa Bear designed my closet space. He didn't consider my height or shoes and it was never just right.

Now I've made better use of the space. All I had to do was reacquaint myself with the drill.

I may have sweat bullets when I got a drill bit stuck in the drill :-SSand had to read the instruction manual on how to get it out. There was a fool tool for that.#-o

For two weeks, off and on, I've been messing with my closet. I'm finally finished. My clothes and shoes are separated by North Carolina seasons, Summer & Cold. 






As of yesterday I have lost 10% of my body weight and this was part of the motivation behind the closet cleanse

Blogging accountability on a subject such as weight loss is a pain and a lot like homework. I blogged my journey once before and it was hard to write a weekly post when I hadn't had much success.

So I won't be doing that again.

This time around, I'm in better shape for summer than I have been in many many years. I feel like I have a closet full of new clothes now. There are even shoes I couldn't fit, but I kept them because I love them. Some are out of style but they will come back around. I truly have a shoe museum. Since my shoes are now puzzle-pieced into my closet, I'm going to have to stick with if you buy a pair, you have to get rid of a pair.


Papa Bear and I got up at 5:45 this morning to go for a bike ride. I don't enjoy walking this time of year because bugs like to follow. They can't keep up or circle my head while I'm riding a bike. 

I'm not a fan of bike riding but Papa Bear took me on a nice trail about three weeks ago and I was suprised when my Fitbit showed that we had gone 10-miles and I DID.NOT.DIE

Now I'm obsessed with doing no less than that. We haven't gone back to the trail, so I've been riding around the neigborhood and it's harder. I've built up my endurance and I'll be a better partner for the trail ride next time. But what I really want is to find an exercise that I love and can enjoy for all our seasons, Summer, Cold & Pollen.


Speaking of pollen, I am thrilled to report that I survived Zyrtec withdrawal without whining weaning. After writing my itchy post, I did not take another Zyrtec and I threw out the remaining pills. =D>

I still itch, but the worst is over. I got a mosquito bite the other day and it was an isolated itch. Just two weeks ago, my whole body felt like one giant mosquito bite. The worst day of Zyrtec withdrawal side effects was the day I didn't know why I was itching and read a million articles about people having similar symptoms when they stopped taking Zyrtec.

Being in the closet kept me distracted. The dusty clothes intensified my itching, so I washed EVERYTHING.

The itching turned out to be an affliction with benefits.

The End

  • Do you have a shoe museum?
  • Do you keep your shoes in boxes?
  • What is your favorite fitness activity?