Currently 2017

This is one of those blog posts you might put together when you just need to come back to your space, write, and reintroduce yourself. I don't make resolutions, but I do challenge myself to a few things. I challenged myself to write one blog post a week, and here we are on the 7th day of the new year already. So I'm trying to make it happen. 

I'm Currently...

  • Eating Steel Cut Oats with cinnamon and raisins.
  • Drinking French Vanilla Decaf.
  • Listening to Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue.
  • Weathering a non existent snowstorm.
  • Loving that I am the only one up.
  • Thankful that today is Saturday.

Today is my do-over January 2nd. On New Years Day, we had company over for dinner. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have known that Christopher had school the next day. Apparently it was a makeup day from the days they missed because of the hurricane. 

I had planned to do something along the lines of what I'm doing now and start my week off on the write foot.

Christopher had asked right before he went to bed if I was pranking him and said I wasn't because that would be totally mean. As it was I had to snap back to reality as well. I had said when he went back to school, I'd resume my workout routine. I wasn't ready for Monday.

It was a sucky day, with 100 percent rain to send him off to school, and I wanted to get back in bed. Have you ever tried to hold on to your sleepiness so you could go back to sleep? 

Well I tried. I shuffled along with the morning routine and by the time I came in from driving Christopher 30 feet to the bus stop I was fully awake. I put on my workout clothes and did my thing, but I never really recovered from not having the veg-out day that I'd planned for.

Our non-existent snowstorm is now sleet and we are already at our high for today. So I'm having a make-up day at home, one of the rare days when I do absolutely nothing. 

So, what are you up to?