Why I Write? #whyiwrite

  Today is National Writing Day! When I was made aware of this two weeks ago, I immediately dusted off my blog. Now I'm sitting here trying to write something fresh in the 11th hour. I know I've written on this very topic one way or another and more eloquently, but my website is seven years deep and that's a lot of digging. 

I've never been that great with last minute homework. I wrote something, deleted it and now I'm turning in my work late and I borrowed from another paper.

I ended up digging seven years deep because I was stuck and I wanted to participate in today's event and tweet #whyiwrite.

Next month my website comes up for renewal. When I first received the notice, it had been over a month since I'd written anything. I actually thought about quitting for real and what I thought about first was how hard it would be to pack up. I'd have to make an announcement and say goodbye, with no forwarding address. I'd have to move my things and I'd feel sick about it. So I renewed. 

My imagination thinks of Writer's Block as an actual place - something like if Superman's home turned into Kryptonite while he was still there....

I found the following that I wrote in a post after someone inquired about my absence from blogging...

Excerpt circa 2012 

I want to live in peace. Living in peace, I would write everyday. Living in peace, there would be no worries taking up space in my brain which currently leave no room for my imagination or inspiration. 
One of the worst places I keep going back to is my place on Writer’s Block. I hate it there and somebody noticed that the lights were on. 
The reason I started this blog was to give me the courage to grab my things and move away from Writer’s Block. It worked too; one sporadic publication at a time. Along the way I’ve met some great people. People whose writing, art, poetry and hobbies have inspired me to keep doing what I’m doing. I can’t imagine not knowing any of you and I cannot imagine not writing in this blog.

Today is certainly a lot less peaceful than it was five years ago.  

I can't let the times stop me. I can't let my times stop me. I write because it makes me happy and it keeps me out of dark and suffocating places.

Sporadically Yours,


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