Hello It's Me

Hello from the blog side.
I must have tried to write
a thousand times...
To tell you a story,
about everything I done...
— Silly Me

I'll just jump right in with a random story...

So I lost my Apple remote. The one that goes with the Apple TV. There's a workaround, an app for that. You can download the remote onto to your iPhone and it works just the same. But I'd just had my Apple remote and then I didn't, and it was driving me crazy. I wanted my REAL remote.

I lost it yesterday morning. By the end of yesterday, I'd put on some rubber gloves and thoroughly checked the kitchen trash. I didn't think anything major gross was in there, but then there was. And no remote.

By that point, I'd looked everywhere. And because I'm ridiculous, I wondered if it was early onset dementia or worse Alzheimer's. So I checked ridiculous places from my underwear drawer to the freezer.  No remote.

Well... the first place I checked, was also the last place I checked. I had nothing to lose by checking again. Yesterday I'd taken the cushions off of my chair, today I dug in the sides. Ewww, there was popcorn and other crumbs in there and then I felt the remote. I was like really? It was there all along. I'm not losing my mind.

Meanwhile, I was writing a blog post in my head about the missing remote and then I found it, so I was like now what?


So about my chair.

Love it. Love it. Love it!

It's a hand me down from Mom & Dad so I really haven't had it long enough to know stuff can disappear in it. I'm also wondering if some of the popcorn leftovers belonged to mom. I'll know next time. I like popcorn too.

I just got the chair back in August. It's been available for me to get for over a year. The first time I was wanting to bring it back, daddy and I were trying to stuff it in my car. It's funny looking back, us getting it outside and trying to put it in the trunk of my Honda Accord like it was actually going to fit. Then we tried to stuff it in my back seat and then the front seat before waving the flag of defeat and taking it back in the house. If there's such thing as pulling a muscle in your thumb, I did it that day. It lasted so long that I don't remember when it felt better. 

So anyway I had to wait and wait and wait until we came back with Papa Bear and the truck, which ended up having to be a special trip with no other luggage. I'd long ago brought home the cushions and ottoman so daddy wouldn't sell the chair even though I knew mom wouldn't let him.

So as I'd suspected, the chair was entirely too large for my little office space, but I made it work. I just didn't want a stranger to have it. This is one of those things you keep in the family because you'll love like no one else.

A panoramic picture makes a room look larger.

A panoramic picture makes a room look larger.

The view from the chair.

The view from the chair.

So, I vacuumed the insides of the chair, and started to sit down and resume a Netflix show. I started this post instead because it's been a month since I last wrote. 

Sporadically Yours,