How Do You IMDB?

Did you know that IMDB is 25 years old!?

I thought that wasn't possible, because that's before my internet time, but it is a fact.

I remember using IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) as early as 1998 when we had our first computer with internet access and it looked like this.

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 7.02.02 AM.png

My favorite section of IMDB is the trivia and goofs. 

I was watching the movie Déjà Vu the other night starring Denzel Washington, who I've been in love with since the beginning of his career.

While watching, I caught a goof. If it were any other actor, I probably wouldn't have noticed him taking off his shirt twice. But I IMDB'd it to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

My husband can sit contently watching television and say someone looks familiar and continue watching. Me? I need to know WHO that is and where I know them from RIGHT NOW! @-)

So he's watching a show and I see a familiar face. It's "Megan Draper" from Mad Men. But I can't remember where I know her from.

I don't ask my husband, "What's the name of this show" which would be the easiest place to start.

He doesn't like me to IMDB hunt when "we" are watching something. [-)

I see another familiar face, it's "Booth" from Bones, but I can't remember where I know him from so I can't start there either.

Then I see a guy I know! To myself, I say, "Ooooh I know him, uh he's from that show with Kevin Bacon's wife", ;)) but I can't remember her name or the name of the show.#-o
I'm still trying to figure out where I know the "Megan Draper" actress from :-?, so I start with Kevin Bacon.

I go to Kevin Bacon's IMDB page and see ah yes! He is married to Kyra Sedgwick and she played on The Closer!

I go to the IMDB page for The Closer to find the familiar face actor who played Detective Gabriel and I click on his name to see what else he's been in and voilà - the name of the show we are watching is Seal Team!

Okay... so what was I trying to figure out? 

I scroll through the actors photos and I say, "There she is!" I click on her name and say, "Oh, it's Megan Draper from Mad Men. She got her teeth fixed!"

And I have NO idea what Seal Team is about. 

How do you IMDB?

Sporadically Yours,