Effects of Withdrawal from Blogging

“We can often endure an extra pound of pain far more easily than we can suffer the withdrawal of an ounce of accustomed pleasure.”
— Sydney J. Harris

"I get really upset by... not writing." Restless is a better word but I'm following the Finish the Sentence writing prompt. Truth? I get really restless when I'm not writing. When I am like this, I usually find something else to obsess over. Most times I change my blog design. I have moved some things around here, but I never did find a template that I liked more than this one.

My face burned as the clerk rang up my one item purchase. She started the two step process of bagging glass in paper first and then said, "Oh, this is plaaastic." I did not make eye contact. I thought, just give me my ginormous bottle of cheap Vodka so I can leave before that referee guy over there, that I see every weekend, recognizes me and sees my purchase.

What new obsession would have me buying Vodka at 8:45 in the morning on base, and on a weekday ? 

Essential Oils

What had happened was... back in December, when my parents were visiting, mom was using a diffuser with Lavender essential oil before she went to bed. She let me borrow it on their last night here. I loved it and had slept wonderfully. She told me that I could have it and also left me with their bottle of Lavender. 

I should have finished the sentence with "I get really upset by not sleeping." I'm not a good sleeper. I wasn't a good sleeper.

Getting the diffuser from mom was perfect timing. We were getting ready to travel for Christmas, and I took it with me. I was able to sleep well in the hotel and for the week at my in-laws. Normally I'd return exhausted because I hadn't slept well for the entire trip. This time I returned very rested. 

As we relaxed into the New Year, I began to research what else I could do with the essential oils and thus began my obsession. I used Pinterest more than I ever had for anything else. 

Mid January, my parents came back to visit again. Mom unknowingly brought the flu with her. Daddy and I are both germaphobes, so he tagged along with me as I went to buy ingredients to sanitize mom, and essential oils to put in her diffuser to help her breathe. 

I had found a recipe for homemade Lysol which called for Vodka. It was early on a Saturday morning that daddy and I went to get the Vodka. I bought a pint of Vodka and a 2-liter of Ginger-ale for mom. I didn't care about any questioning looks that time. I just pretended the gross combo was for daddy and not me. 

I sprayed mom with "Lysol" all weekend and when they left, I sanitized everything. None of us got sick. 

Fast forward to today. Just hours ago, I mopped the kitchen floor using water, vinegar, Lemon and Oregano essential oils. I've made an All Purpose Cleaner that I have used on everything from my kitchen countertops to the my shower walls. I have made linen sprays to go to sleep and to wake up. I have rollerball recipes for headaches, stress, cuts and so on.

I've slept so hard from diffusing and rubbing oils on pulse points, that I wake up with pillow marks on my face.

I've made Christopher something for his forehead acne, something to help him focus on his homework and a recipe to reduce his allergy symptoms. I've also made a spray just for his room, so that he will stop using cologne as air freshener. 

I have recipes saved in Pinterest, on my computer and I've printed a binder full of information to reference. 

It's a good obsession right? The best part of all of this is getting a good night's sleep and no flu. 

Now that I've graduated from a crash course in Essential Oils 101, maybe I can get back to blogging. 

  • Do you do Essential Oils and/or homemade household cleaners?
  • What's your thing when you're not blogging?
  • Are you a germaphobe?

This post is my contribution to this weeks Finish the Sentence prompt, "I get really upset by...".