Got Pits?


So. I'm detoxing my armpits. Google it, it's a thing.

After reading lots and lots of posts on how to make this and that, I told myself I would NOT write about essential oils and natural beauty products. People ask too many questions. And the bloggers are so sweet and patient about responding when someone says they're allergic to coconut oil and what else can they use in the body butter recipe that is 100% coconut oil? I sometimes read the comments for entertainment because there's always one who makes you roll your eyes and say, "Dude! Do your own research!"

Anyway, so a comment left on a post about armpit detoxing was someone saying that the recipe gave them diarrhea. Another commenter, not so nice or patient, replied something like, "So let me get this straight. Are you seriously saying that you ATE it? How about applying it topically in the aforementioned area?"


So I'm never (never say never) going to write about DIY beauty products because I'm not an expert and I don't want to have to be sweet and patient with someone else when I'm learning myself. 

I've organized my Pinterest boards a little better in the area of DIY with essential oils and beauty products, so that's a start if you need a starting point. 

Remember last year when I went through Zyrtec withdrawal? I'm happy to report that I made it through the Spring (which we've had since January) without taking allergy medicine. NONE.AT.ALL. I diffused essential oils and I made allergy inhalers. And I kinda didn't go outside much.

I'm seriously turning into a black hippie chick. I've made body wash and body butters and my skin feels wonderful. You can do so much with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.

About Coconut Oil

I thought it was one size fits all until I was in Walmart to buy some and I wondered why the one they had (which was cheaper than what I previously bought) was darker in color. 

All three of these are sold at Walmart in the same place you'd find other cooking oils. The one in the middle was the cheapest. The one on the right is what I'd been using on my skin and it was almost gone. The one on the left was the same price as the one in the middle. I didn't want to stand in Walmart on my phone and research so I bought them home. Short story, for beauty product recipes the type on the left is best - Organic, Virgin, Cold Pressed and Unrefined. The one in the middle, I used to fry OMG delicious french fries Saturday night. The one on the right, not bad for your skin, but not the best. 

The one I fried the french fries in, does not smell like coconut at all. It has little to no smell. Per my research, it is the THE healthiest oil for deep frying. I usually bake french fries so this was a real treat. What's interesting is that my house didn't get the heavy something has been fried smell in it and the french fries didn't taste greasy. Still fattening though. 

So back to the armpit detox. Guess what I'm using to get by? Coconut oil! The good one - Organic, Virgin, Cold Pressed and Unrefined. I can't believe it works as deoderant. That's not the actual detox by the way. I didn't find that in an article. I found that tidbit in the comments - people saying they used coconut oil as deodorant. 

Detoxing is applying a mask to your armpits and not using store bought deodorant. I use the homemade deodorant when I'm going to exercise. So far so good. I have passed every one of my sniff tests. 

I had a really bad experience one year. I got this big TMI nipple looking thing under my arm after using one of those clinical deodorants. Christopher was horrified. I was horrified. Papa Bear was sweet. Anyway, so I had to get on an antibiotic and they told me if it didn't work, I may need surgery. Okay not surgery but they mentioned a needle and I shutdown. So I took this antibiotic, it was summertime, I had to stay out of the sun and Christopher was taking swimming lessons. I was miserable trying to hide from the sun, and stinky with no deodorant under one arm that the big armpit bandage did not mask. Since then I've been scared to try anything of super strength and what I've been using doesn't necessarily get me through a day in the heat.

So anyway, I love the detox and the getting by with coconut oil. I don't have that icky armpit residue that doesn't seem to wash off. Summer will be the real test, but I can already tell you that I don't want to go back to the real deal. I'll keep researching until I get it right. For the most part, aside for the woman who ate the detox, people seem to love it. 

Oh, just one more thing to love. Brownies made with the Extra Virgin coconut oil, with the natural coconut taste and aroma, used in the place of butter, tastes JUST LIKE Almond Joy brownies. Sorry if you didn't need to know that. I sure didn't need to remember.

Sporadically Yours,