Broken Eyebrows? Thank Goodness for Bangs!

“Beauty is only skin deep.”
— Stupid quote when your eyebrows AND bangs take months to grow back

There are pros and cons to DIY beauty. I'm sure I save a ton of money doing my own hair, eyebrows etc. The biggest con is when I jack something up and have to deal with it for a long long time. Sure, there are weaves and makeup but I don't do either. 

Two years ago, I jacked up my eyebrows so bad I had to cut some bangs.

This past January I cut my bangs too short. Like, I could see my eyebrows too short. Like, my hair was straight and not even curled yet too short. Disaster!

I'd enter Exhibit A here, but I did NOT take a selfie.

So I had to be extremely careful not to jack up my eyebrows, since I had no hair to cover them with.

Two weeks later... 

I was doing one of those DIY facial peel things. I got too close to my eyebrows and pulled some off with the mask. Thank goodness I had the common sense not to put that stuff on my eyebrows or I wouldn't have any. 

I'd enter Exhibit B here, but I did NOT take a selfie.


Exhibit C

Big sunglasses and a slicked back ponytail, will not work for every occassion. 

So it's May, and less than a month before Papa Bear and I go a second Honeymoon twenty years later. My bangs are back and will be too long, but I'm not cutting them. In the event the wind blows, which it will, my eyebrows are still barely there.

So one of those Facebook ads finally got me.

I bought the eyebrow stamp thing. 

I'd enter exhibit D here, I did take a selfie but it looks like a mug shot with smuDgy eyebrows. I can't.

There's a learning curve to the eyebrow stamp thing. If you're wearing foundation the perfect powder look, it might be fine as is. But I don't wear that stuff. So it looked like I had eyeshadow in my eyebrows, which is essentially what it is. 

In an attempt to wipe the smudgy off with water and a cotton ball, I discovered that they stay. You need soap and scrubbing I guess. When I get out of the shower, my stamped eyebrows are gone.

Exhibit E  

Stamped Eyebrows

For a more natural not smudgy look, after I stamp my eyebrows, I wet the cotton ball and wipe across them.

I LOVE the eyebrow stamp thing!  

I saw a professional yesterday (Christopher's barber) for professional eyebrow shaping. So, there's that.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
— Said no one ever, about too short bangs and broken eyebrows

Written for the writing prompt "Broken" via Finding Ninee.

Sporadically Yours,