Cruisin' Alaska - Part Three

You can get lots of steps in on a cruise. I was surprised by that. I averaged 10,000 steps a day, except for the day I stayed in, ordered room service for breakfast, did my hair and watched movies. All you have to do is take the stairs everywhere, and it doesn't hurt to go the wrong way EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

It was finally a port stop day. I was the first up and out, down the stairs to get coffee and then up and outside to see what I could see and if I had a signal. My first photo outside is stamped 9:37 am, which means is was 5:37 am in Alaska when I snapped it and texted, "HEY!!!" to mom. 


Caribe Deck  10

Our room number was C516, but we were on the 10th deck. That confused me the first few days. It seemed like the room number should have matched the deck. 

So I trotted down to coffee, then back up to Deck 7 on whatever side of the ship my body turned and this was my very first view of Alaska. It was cloudy, but beyond that I could see snow-capped mountains and I was so excited. After mom texted me back, I called her and chatted away like a chipmunk.

Ketchikan, Alaska

So we finally got off the ship. There were souvenir shops right there.

We thought it might get better than those, so we didn't buy anything at the first few shops. We ended up returning for the items that we didn't see anywhere else. I bought Christopher a postcard in Ketchikan. Souvenir shops sold stamps and mailed the postcard for me. I learned later that the ship also sells stamps and mails postcards.

My most recent facebook status.... 

Jet lag feels like the flu. #thatisall

So #thisisall I feel like writing today.

Stay tuned for the next post about our day in Ketchikan. 


  • Put stamps on your things to pack list

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