Say Goodbye for Now

Update to below: I’m writing on a new page on this website. Visit Sporadically Yours Salutations

Dear Friends, Family and Fellow Bloggers,

I did it! My hope for the blogging year 2018 was to write more posts than I did in 2017. This post will be the 55th one for the year and that surpasses the measly 27 from the year prior. I don’t know what’s on tap for this year. At the moment I feel like my writing well has run dry and I’m just hanging in there until 2020 when I can announce that, I blogged for ten years.

I’m co-hosting one last time with the Finish the Sentence Friday writing group. When I volunteered at the beginning of the year, I told Kristi I was in it for the long haul. Turns out that long haul was just a year. I seriously admire her keeping up with it all these years, because it’s definitely a sacrifice when life hands you lemons and you have to go make lemonade with your blog. She knows. She moved from Virginia to Colorado, had broken furniture and still blogged!

For me, there are just certain times of the year that are too busy. I’m a firm believer that in doing what you love, you’ll make time for it. But doing what I love with a deadline sometimes takes the fun out of it. So I’ll fit it in when I can get it in and maybe there’ll be more. We shall see. Saying goodbye for now. Happy New Year to you all!

Sporadically Yours,


The final post prompt for 2018 with the Finish the Sentence writing group will be open all week for you to link up. The prompt is a free for all - share what you wanna share. Drop your link here or over at Kristi’s Website.