Misadventures of Mama Bear: The Cooking Edition

Yesterday was one of those days where I didn't have a dinner plan. I asked Papa Bear and Man Cub at separate times, "Any suggestions for dinner?" Both said, "No." Man Cub added, "I can't think about what to eat when I'm not hungry." I thought, must be nice.

It was 6:00 in the evening and Papa Bear had taken Man Cub to basketball practice. 

I was on the computer looking at youtube videos for something to cook in the pressure cooker and wasted a good 15 minutes on one video before deciding that it looked good to me but they wouldn't eat that and it was fattening anyway. 

Clock ticking, I kept searching for something different to cook that I could eat and that they would eat. I finally found a recipe but I needed a bigger cookie sheet type pan because I wanted to make this. 


Honey Lemon Salmon

Photo credit: Kelly @ Life Made Sweeter

I already had asparagus, broccoli and the seasonings. I needed the salmon, lemons and fresh parsley.

So I left the house and went to Bed Bath and Beyond because I had a coupon. I bought the bigger pan and a bigger spatula and headed to Sam’s to get a big piece of salmon and some lemons.

on my way there, I was listening to an audiobook through my brand new Apple Airpods...BRAND NEW!

I parked at Sam’s and took my AirPods out to leave in the car while I rushed through the store. I lost my grip and one of them fell in between the seats. I tried to catch it before it fell past the five-second rule french fry zone, but I missed it. 

I got out of the car, went around to the back and dug around, touching and throwing out french fry and Cheetos carcasses from who knows when to no avail.

No AirPod.

From a distance it was getting thunderstorm dark.

I've moved the seat back and forth and looked while using my iPhone flashlight and I still couldn't see it! 

With all the murder books I’ve been reading lately, I imagined someone hitting me over the head with something and pushing me into the backseat of my car and driving off somewhere. 

I temporarily postponed my search. 

I go on into Sam's worrying about the missing AirPod while wondering if I have a Flintstones hole in my floorboard that it could have fallen through.

I speed walk through, get a bag of lemons, a big piece of salmon, use the self checkout app and leave. When I come out, it’s even darker and it's towards the direction of the house. I don't have time to stop and get fresh parsley from another store. I'll make do with dried.

I make it home and park in the driveway.

I start looking under the seats again, using my new spatula to push in at the sides and sweep out the bottom and I still can’t find it. I'd forgotten to look under the car at Sam’s just in case I had a Flintstone hole and I worried that my AirPod was gone gone. 

I go put my stuff in the house and see if the Find My Phone app works with AirPods. They aren’t connected, so no sound would go to them. I can't understand what sense that makes but I couldn't waste time worrying about that. I had to cook dinner.

I pull the car in the garage because I hear thunder. I don't want to get struck in the back by lightning while touching all the metal parts under the seat. It’s burning up hot and I'm sweating as I'm on my knees now deep into the car feeling for the missing AirPod.

I can’t see it but I finally feel it in the track of the seat and pulled it out! I inspected it like a toddler's knee to see if it was scratched, I blew on it, kissed it and it’s was fine.

It was 8:00. Practice would be over at 8:15.

I’m came back in the house, blinded by worry and a near heat stroke and drank and glass of water while I sat down to look at the recipe. 

The 30-minute meal was now too overwhelming. 

Sometimes you have to stage a photo to conclude the story. 

Sometimes you have to stage a photo to conclude the story. 

I ordered pizza.

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