Things I've learned from other bloggers

This is a Listicle Friday post. It's the Week 2, of the old school blogging, prompt for the Finish the Sentence Friday writing community where I'm co-hosting with Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee and Mardra Sidkora of Grown Ups and Downs who is our Guest Host and prompt thinker upper. This weeks prompt writing list "10 things I've learned from other bloggers".

In this week's post I'm tagging blogs and/or posts where I've learned something from the post or from the individuals who wrote them. 

I think I've set a record now sticking with a color scheme on my website. The last time I really changed everything was after reading a post written by Janine at J9 Designs titled Creating Beautiful Website Color Combinations In Three Easy Steps

I've read many of the books recommended by Dana at Kiss My List. Here's Dana's latest Book Review post.

From Vanessa I learned you don't have to have common interests to enjoy how someone else creates art with writing or writing from a doll's perspective. Vanessa died from a rare form of cancer last year. Her blog lives on and I hope she's still getting new readers. 

From blogger Kathy at The Second Half of My Life Kathy I learned you can write about anything you want, anytime you want, as often as you want. I admire her commitment to write so often. I wish I would get on the computer and just do it as often as she does. 

From Kita I learned you can reinvent your brand and not miss a beat. Your followers will follow. I was actually going to say that from Kita I learned how to make stuffed shells. I saved the recipe in an app ages ago, but it's not on her newest website for me to link it. 

I've learned a lot of health and wellness tips from blogger and health coach, Alison via Healthy Woman Happy Woman. I've saved the link to Five Easy Ways to Detox for Improved Health on my desktop for quick reference.  

And last but not least from Kristi of Finding Ninee, she hosted a wonderful eye opening series called Our Land (the land of empathy and wonder). It started as a series with writers contributing their experiences with Special Needs and it then it expanded into so much more. I'd like to hope that I was already a compassionate person, but when you really get an inside look through the stories shared, you'll feel something stronger that what you already possessed. #empathy

Join us for next week's FTSF prompt, a Stream of Consciousness post where we will be writing for 5-minutes on the optional prompt "Move".