A Rising Freshman

I shared this picture as a throwback on facebook a few years ago with the caption: 

TBT - Tuck combs, French braids, starched jeans and Jellies with socks. This was the summer before my freshman year of high school - 1984.


Never in a million years three decades would I have believed I'd share this photo with anyone.

I was thirteen and about to go into the 9th grade and vain about my hair, as I've always been. South Carolina heat and humidity was no match for my hair and I'd yet to discover hairsprays and gels, or styles that would make my hair last. 

About the outfit

I was in a pink phase that lasted about 10 years. My Jellies were pink, my belt, as well as the tuck combs in my hair, and most likely so were the rubber bands holding my braids at the ends. 

The OMG lace socks. Was I still wearing "girls" white laced socks or were they back in style? And the equally OMG, "Jellies" shoes. I don't think they were meant to be worn with socks but wearing plastic on your feet, in the summer, in South Carolina - well they were too slippery to walk in once your feet starting sweating.

Starched and pressed jeans were a must, and judging by how deep my cuffs were, these were hand-me-downs from my mom. I remember she had a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans that I couldn't wait to be able to fit. 

Months Later...

I managed to have a more grown up hairstyle for picture day and I was undoubtedly wearing a pink sweater. 

Freshman Photo 1984

Freshman Photo 1984

Sporadically Yours, 

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