Bloggers in Starbucks Getting Coffee


Wednesday's are the days that I usually write my post responding to the FTSF prompt. Today I feel like rambling, so I'm sharing a picture of where I write from on Wednesday mornings. 

Each Wednesday after my son gets on the school bus, I head for church. I'm on a cleaning team and we freshen things up from Sunday for the Wednesday night service. We are there for about an hour. I then head to Starbucks.

I burned my mouth with the first sip of my coffee this morning and it made me think of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer burned himself with too hot coffee and then got a lawyer to sue the coffee shop. I think in real life a similar story had happened with McDonalds. 

One thought leads to another

Speaking of Kramer (Michael Richards), do you or have you watched Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? Jerry Seinfeld is the host. He drives a different car each week to pick up a comedian, they go get coffee and talk. The episodes are short and easy to binge. And you really don't have to "look" at them. Sometimes I'm just listening through my headphones while I do something else.

Anyway, so he had Michael Richards on. You know how a cat does when it doesn't like something? As soon as I saw that it was Michael Richards who Jerry was picking up, I started to skip that episode but I let it play and I watched it. 


It's been several years, probably more than a decade, since Michael Richards snapped at a comedy show and used the n-word at a someone in the audience. It was a big deal and just as any other black person might feel who had been a fan of Seinfeld and Kramer, the racist rant was hurtful, disappointing and not easily forgotten. 

So when I see Kramer in an old episode of Seinfeld, my cat hairs stand up. He ruined it for me. I can't look at him as Kramer and not think that the Michael Richards inside of him uses the n-word when provoked. 

So anyway, back to Comedians in Cars... Jerry and Michael went for coffee. Michael brought it up. He said to Jerry, "And thank you for sticking by me all these years". And I felt sorry for him. I don't know his after story but I suppose he lost friends who no longer wanted to be associated with him. I don't know how his once upon of time apology went but sometimes it's too soon to be forgiven. Sometimes an apology is prefaced with, "if I offended anyone" and it's just not good enough. What he said to Jerry on Comedians in Cars was sincere, not publicist scripted. With regret, he talked about what happened that night and my cat hairs relaxed. So I think I can watch Seinfeld reruns now. 

Actors are actors and maybe they are so good they can pull the wool over your eyes when given the opportunity to repent. What are your thoughts?

There's also on episode of Comedians in Cars where Jerry picks up Louis CK. These interviews were recorded years ago, so this was before Louis CK had been accused of sexual misconduct. Netflix originally pulled the episode but added it back. I'm curious to see if I observe anything about Louis CK that makes my cat hairs stand up. 

Who or what makes your cat hairs stand up?

This was a Share a Photo/Tell the Story Friday post. It's the Week 4 old school blogging prompt for the Finish the Sentence Friday writing community where I'm co-hosting with Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee

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