Coffee Break With A Special Guest

Mom & Me Time

Over a month ago, without running it by mom, I called daddy directly and asked,"Can I have mom for a week in May?" Papa Bear would be out of town and I thought this would be a fun week have her. I completely caught daddy off guard so he was super cool about it. But I know as the time approached for mom to leave him, he looked like this...

This is how daddy looked on "the morning of" the last time mom came here by herself. 

This is how daddy looked on "the morning of" the last time mom came here by herself. 

We met halfway on yesterday and I kinda felt sorry for daddy, but I said to myself, "He'll be awight". We all need a minute apart from our menz sometimes to have some girl time.  

Yesterday we stopped at Old Navy. I knew they were having a big sale and I was looking for some sundresses. Three steps in the door mom and I eyeballed the same dresses.

It's not uncommon for us to buy the same thing. During a girls weekend in Chicago, mom and I bought the same shirts, red shawls and love at first site red boots. We always say it's not like we will be seen parading around in our same outfits at the same time because we don't live in the same town.

So we both went into dressing rooms to try on identical dresses. I had picked up two more that I saw on the clearance rack on my way in. Fortunately for mom, the dresses worked. Me being an inch shorter, those dresses were too long but the clearance dresses worked for me. 


So Mom was a witness today to Christopher letting the air out of my happy for my coffee break balloon. Of all the days I've driven him to basketball camp, there's only been one or two days that he didn't have a comment about me not staying.

Today I'm floating to get here with mom and from the backseat I hear the smirky question, "So the only day you are going to stay is on Fridays?" :|

Pssssssssssssssssssssss (that's the air leaking from my balloon).



The header photo is mom talking to daddy and here I am on my coffee break. 

  • Do you shop at Old Navy?
  • Do you have that one friend you can shop with and always find something?
  • Who do you like to share "Me Time" with?