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Photos in the Cloud

Sharing a post like this just got a little easier for me. A couple weeks ago, one of Apple's updates to the Mac (OS X Yosemite) included photos in the cloud. Now I don't have to email the iPhone photos to myself so that I can blog them. The only downside is that there's a lot of photos that I don't mean to keep forever. You know like pictures of my feet...

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Kenya G. Johnson - Blogger EST. 2010

I'm linking up with Tuesday Ten where we are sharing the first ten post we wrote on our blogs.

My first ten posts on this website were written between June and October of 2010. Back then my URL was postconfidential(dot)blogspot(dot)com and my blog title was Sporadic Publication. 

I signed my first post with my name backwards Aynek Noillag Nosnhoj. 

I wrote in one ginormous paragraph and I had no readers. My mom and dad didn't even know about my blog.

So here we go.

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10 Throwback Photos

This past weekend I went home for a quick trip. Two of my cousins were flying in and part of our mission this weekend was to go through photo albums. At some point after my grandfather passed away, all the photo albums went to my mom. I brought a shoebox full of photos home, but here are a few that I took snapshots of...

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