The Punch Line

That moment when you have to write about laughter for 5 minutes, you write, you laugh and THEN you think of something funny you could have written about. 🤷🏽‍♀️
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5 minutes - ready, set, write!

When was the last time you laughed really hard? For me it was just the other day. Christopher and I were looking at Try Not To Laugh videos on Youtube and I cracked. Once one giggle escapes, it then bubbles over to almost uncontrollable. That's when I either infect someone with my laughter or they want to move away from me because I'm scaring them. I was scaring him.

That moment when you're still laughing at the thing that was funny 10 minutes ago.

We went to see Jumanji back in December. Papa Bear was sitting in between Christopher and me. There was a part where my laughter bubbled up before the punch line and then by the punch line I'd lost it in a relatively empty/quiet theater. There was a couple in front of us who I could tell by their delayed laughter, that they were laughing at me. Christopher said he was embarrassed. He said at first he was thinking to himself, "It wasn't that funny." Then, "Oh my god, that's my mom." 

Times Up - I had four seconds left.

So, what kind of laugh do you have? Is it infectious or ridiculous?

Tom Hanks nailed both in 39 seconds. #thepunchline

The best laughter is when I laugh, and you laugh at my laugh and I laugh at your laugh and we keep laughing! =))

Sporadically Yours,

This was a Stream of Consciousness Friday post. It's the Week 3, of the old school blogging, prompt for the Finish the Sentence Friday writing community where I'm co-hosting with Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee. This week we set a timer and wrote for 5 minutes on the optional prompt "Laughter"

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