Never forget to play Tooth Fairy again...

Kenya G. Johnson (Author)
I won't forget to be the tooth fairy tonight. There's an app for that! #Siri #Reminders

I had a "do tell" response to that post to which I responded, "Your wish is my command."

Christopher is 8 years old and lost his first molar last night. I suspect I may be close to not being the tooth fairy anymore, so I have to pass on my wisdom to some other parents.

I set two reminders last night. One for 10 pm if I was still up and one for 4 am because I'd be tossing and turning by then anyway.  

You know I like to rattle off tech stuff. So in keeping TMI tech stuff to a minimum on Here's the thing... check out my Tech Bytes page on how to get your Be the tooth fairy reminder. 


Here's the thing... After all these years of losing teeth Papa Bear remembered to put money under the pillow. However, like a Papa he forgot to take the tooth. #-o