Just Another Snow Day

Write while the heat is in you.
The writer who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with.
— Henry David Thoreau

It was 57 degrees when Christopher got home from school at 12:30 on Wednesday. There was a 3-hour early release from school but the snow wouldn’t come until later in the evening. Another day of canceled schedules that would have to be made up. This makes me irritable. To listen to the details of a Minecraft room, and suggest snacks to eat makes me feel impatient.

I was on Twitter and I saw a video of kids cheering in Puerto Rico because the electricity had just come back on in their school after 112 days. That’s perspective huh? There are worse things than a couple of cozy no school days. And our kids will return to school under perfect conditions. It makes me appreciate this moment a little more for what it is.

Not a disaster. 

It won’t make me appreciate Minecraft any more than I can stand, but I am thankful that today was just another snow day.

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