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You "Totality" Had To Be There

Today I got to witness the once in a lifetime total eclipse with my mom, dad and Christopher in Columbia, South Carolina. Neither words, pictures or video can describe that moment when everything went dark and we were able to take our glasses off. I almost cried. 

Christopherism - Caught on Tape!

I was doing some computer cleaning today - organizing and deleting old files -  I ran across this video and had to share. 

If I hadn't stopped the recording so abruptly you would have heard me laughing. What followed was a year of his Christopherisms and I was inspired to put them in a book and publish it. It all began at age 5.

Afraid of the dark...

It's a Finish the Sentence Friday post!

My favorite movie of all time is....​ ​too difficult to answer. Most of my favorites are kids movies. 

I couldn't wait to have children to watch some of them again through my child's eyes.​

Well first of's my hair

It's a VLOG starring Christopher himself....

Christopher is on his periodic hair kick. I swear he is my little man. "Mom you can dye your hair if you want, just don't cut it like a boy. The only color I would let you get is black or brown if you dye it."

Yes he said, "let".

So I may have been enabling his opinion by shooting this video...