Where to start...

This time last year I took the whole month of December off from blogging. I did this advent thing that was more trouble than it was worth.

I actually thought about doing it again this year, but remembered how hard it was to get back into writing at the first of the year. I also feel like I really never got my mojo back.

So I'm just treating this post like it's double dutch and jumping right in. 

Judge a book by its cover!

I'm reaching out to you and all of my social media connections to choose the cover for my next book. I've chosen a short "Age 6" Christopherism to represent two title choices.

Thank you in advance for participating in this short survey! Your response is totally anonymous. 

Stacked and Undefeated!

We had an awesome season, with awesome coaches and therefore awesome players. We were beating a team for the third time. We were stronger, better and faster. I made an agreement with myself that I was going to be a good sport (football mom) and stop wishing all these weeks away, just so I could get to the next thing and get that over with. I had my eye on the October 26th prize. But as we started winning and winning and winning and winning, I said, "Ut oh, what does this mean?"...