Best of 2015

I wanted to post one more something to close out/bring in the new year and what better way than a best of post.  

The posts were easy enough to pick out because I chose one from each month and I didn't blog much this year. I blogged a whopping 55 times (not including this one) which isn't that bad if you pretend I blogged once at least week. 

Anyhoo, without further ado...

Hess to be rebranded as Speedway

On November 30th, I strolled into "Hess", not noticing that the sign had changed I asked, "Where are the Hess trucks?" The lady behind the counter said, "Speedway has acquired Hess retail, so you can only buy them online." She offered, "We have Speedway trucks." I thanked and no thanked her and high-tailed it to another Hess because I didn't believe her...

What's in your photo stream?

How you doin? It's show and tell from my Photo Stream on my blog today and I'm talking about coloring for mindfulness, food, drowning gnats, killing plants, headless football uniforms and so on... It's all relative. Relevant? Not really. But stop by and take a walk through Kenya's world...

Food Wars: The Battle of the Bears

Let me preface this story with explaining that when I met Papa Bear I had been a vegetarian for a good chunk of my life, but had recently started eating chicken and shrimp. Papa Bear on the other hand was Straight Outta Louisiana and ate the complete opposite. I mean like no vegetables steak and potatoes opposite. Just like with any other ups and downs in a relationship, we occasionally go through food wars. I am currently on strike.