Sporadically Yours,

Sporadically - sometimes, 
but not regularly
 or continuously

The Story Archives

I go way back. 
I wrote my first blog post
 in June of 2010.


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"Kenya G. Johnson aka Sporadically Yours is an author, Photographer's Wife, Mom and WRITER - blogging to scratch her niche. Born in Chester, Pennsylvania, but raised in Columbia, South Carolina, her passion for reading, writing and the rhythm of poetry, developed at an early age. After one year of college, she began an eighteen-year career that took her in the opposite direction from her creative writing dreams. Returning to college in 2008, she earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Information Technology Visual Communication and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication by 2010. With a renewed spirit to write again, she began blogging later that same year. A little more than a year from starting her blog, Kenya published her first book, she resides in Jacksonville, North Carolina, with her husband and her son.”


About Me

Favorite things include reading, writing, listening to music, technerding, drinking coffee, playing with essential oils and organizing stuff. Sporadically, I blog, write letters and freelance.


I AM the genre that I write.

I am Me and I am Sporadically Yours.

~Kenya G. Johnson

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