The Christopher Chronicles 2.0

The Christopher Chronicles 2.0


A Must-Read for ANYONE!

The Christopher Chronicles is a comic relief series of books filled with funny quotes and anecdotes that are one of a kind out of the mouth of babes "Christopherisms".

These books are designed with the best intentions to warm your heart, and make you smile. 

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From the back cover...

The Christopher Chronicles 2.0 continues to be a sweet and funny, coffee table/bedside book of laughs! 

Per Christopher, this is a "delectable" update.

For anyone who needs a bright spot in their day, just flip to a page.

The "Christopherisms" are humorous narratives from a kids point of view, all recorded by "mom" while managing to keep a straight face. 

This update contains over 200 "Christopherisms" from ages 6 to 10.