The Nothing Pitch

Dear Sunday Evening During Football,

I was watching the Chargers vs the Patriots earlier. I was going for the Chargers because I want someone different to play in the Super Bowl. But it was quickly turning into a game too painful to watch. So I picked up my laptop and opened up to my blog and said to myself, “What am I going to do with you?” My last post Say Goodbye For Now was actually a title inspired by a book I had just finished.

In the book when a hard to say goodbye was referenced, one of the characters said, “Well just say goodbye for now and it won’t be so hard.” And you CAN come back from saying goodbye for now.

So. I haven’t thought this through, only over not watching football, but I’ve made a few inspired thoughts and changes and I’m just going to see how it works out to get me writing again. So this is the first post on my “new letter writing blog” on my old website.

I think we’re onto something here.
— Seinfeld