Letter to Spotify

Dear Spotify,

I love you. That is all.

Tonight my son played a song for me from one of his Spotify playlists that he said would be good for my workout playlist. He says it’s by Pitbull. I say I like Pitbull, I already have some of his songs. Then he plays the song, “Ocean to Ocean”. I say,  “Part of that is a remake.” Today’s term is more like “sampled”. So I open up my Spotify to find the original song and start playing Africa by Toto. My son asked, “Is Pitbull in this one?” I laughed. “No this probably came out before Pitbull was born.” I was almost right. Pitbull was born in 1981 and Africa by Toto was released in 1982.

This was one of those full circle moments reminding of conversations with my daddy where I’m playing a song for him and he says, “You know that’s a remake.”

Daddy introduced me to Spotify. I love how your streaming service is touching three generations of our family and the oldest of us was the one to discover and get on board with it. I was stuck on a twenty year old workout playlist uploaded to iTunes from CDs and my son only had a handful of songs he’d bought with iTunes gift cards.

I took advantage of the Spotify’s free trial and used my daddy’s playlists as a cheat sheet to get me started. By the end of the trial I was ready to go Pro. Or is it premium? I signed up my family before getting my husband on board.

To date, I still haven’t created many playlists of my own but I have kept some favorites from my twenty year old playlist with thirty plus year old songs. It’s my 80’s workout playlist.

On one of my daddy’s visits and in one of our sit around and listen to Spotify sessions, I played one of my favorite get up and move workout songs that is more like forty years old. GEEZ. It’s Amii Stewart’s Knock on Wood. Daddy said, “You know that’s a remake.”

I didn’t.

He plays a Knock on Wood version that I could not get up and move to. The original is by Eddie Floyd from 1966. It’s slow. The pace picks up with Otis Redding’s version from 1967, then David Bowie with his 1974 twist on it, Eric Clapton from 1985, and Michael Bolton in 1992. Amii’s just happens to fall in around the time I was going to skating rink birthday parties and that’s the version I know and love still - while “skating” on the elliptical.

So that’s it on this musical note.