Letter to @MissyElliot

Dear Missy,

I pushed myself out the door this morning to go to the gym.

A few things out of the norm this morning… I drank celery juice.

I had on new shoes and some compression socks for my ankles. facepalm

Then on to the usual. I got on the elliptical with a throwback jams playlist, did my 30-minutes followed by my walk it out cool down around the track for 1-mile.

So I’m walking, almost done and Lose Control came on.


I can’t dance. But I wanted to.

That song had me like a squirrel trying to cross the street.

Like I was ready to bust a move.

So I picked up pace and ran.

I ran around the track to Lose Control!

It was just one lap but that’s one lap I never do.

Maybe it was the celery juice. Could have been the new shoes and the compression socks. But really, I think it was all about you.

Music makes you lose control!

I got in 55 minutes today. I did a little extra walking to catch my breath and listen to that song one more time.

Ain’t nothing like some throwback jams to get you movin’.

Thanks girl.

Sporadically Yours,

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