Letter to Anyone Needing a Writing Prompt

Dear People who need a writing prompt to keep the blog alive,

Snips and fails and writing tales or snips and tales and writing fails
— What writing prompts are made of

I’ve come across of book with writing prompts in the Kindle Unlimited Store, though it was only $2.99 if it’s a book you’d be interested in purchasing. I downloaded it last night. I didn’t flip through, just went with the first prompt Peaches and seeing that it was a 5 minute free write that you aren’t supposed to edit, I said easy peasy, I can do that. But I’m probably going to edit mine and take care of those red squigglies.


5 minutes go

I once got in a fight with a girl named Peaches. That was her sweet nickname. I’ve seen her come up in my People You Might Know on facebook, and I get scared that the connection is that close even though our paths haven’t crossed since middle school.

I’m allergic to peaches. Maybe. Some things I have been allergic or sensitive to in my lifetime but now I can eat them. I can eat strawberries and watermelon and once upon a time I could not.

I couldn’t eat the peaches with skin because they made my lips swell and my throat itch. Without the skin they made me nauseous. It’s the one thing I have no desire to give it another shot. Like eggs. I’m done with yolks. It can be cooked in cakes, quiches etc but I cannot eat anything other than egg whites if the egg is going to be cooked. I miss eggs but I can’t give them another shot. 

I do love peach cobbler though. I can eat the canned peaches in peach cobbler but definitely not fresh, even though when I was a kid the were wonderfully deli - times up - wonderfully delicious when my parents got them from The Farmer’s Market

Keep the Blog Alive

I’m a Squarespace Circle Member now, so I have to keep this website. That’s an incentive to keep writing, even if I need a prompt as my cheatsheet. I may finally make some money with the blog connection that has nothing to do with ads, clicks or blog traffic. I have my first paying website client and I’m pretty excited. 

The connection came from me creating this website. So hopefully this will continue to be a word of mouth thing. I don’t want to officially advertise and put myself out there until I have at least 10 websites in my portfolio. The one I’m working on now will be my fifth. I wish I had a screenshot for as many times as I changed my website because that portfolio would have atleast 20? Yeah, I think I’ve changed and tweaked my design at least 20 times over the past nine years.

Stories and Salutations

So, where to put these prompt writing posts? I have two blogs here - Stories and Salutations. I think I’ll make this one a letter, my Salutations blog is the only one that publishes to Apple News.

On another note, I’m in Panera, geek nerding - writing this using Hanx Writer, my iPad, an external keyboard and AirPods for the typewriter sound effects. It dings at the end of the margin, which I think is so cool.

It makes me want to keep writing typing. 

I really want a new laptop. I think I got a lemon years ago because a MacBook should still be going strong. Max is her name and I can’t take anywhere because she’s too slow.


So I had to settle for this setup which is totally fine

Because Hanx Writer is fun…

But I’ll have to go home and publish this. Though I could use the Squarespace app, it’ll be quicker from the web browser on my computer because I’ve got to put like a thousand links in here. 

Ok I’m going to stop rambling now, the dings are addictive. DING.

A lot came out of Peaches. Did I sell the book?