Letter to Digital Nerds or People Who Like Digital Things

Dear Digital Nerds,

Here’s the before story…

So my cousin and I were texting about planners. She’d misplaced her planner and I asked why she didn't keep all that stuff on the computer. She likes a pretty paper planner to stay organized. I said I like the way they look but I wouldn’t use it. I used to have a pretty Day-timer and ordered pretty refills for it every year, but I stopped with that after I got my first Palm Pilot. Once I went digital I never went back. I’m not putting stuff on an electronic calendar and turning around to write the same thing on a paper planner.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Cookies eavesdropped on me and my cousin’s text conversation, and I started seeing ads on facebook for planners. No coincidence. The first ad appeared approximately two hours after we texted about planners. Well I didn’t bite that fish hook.

Cookies got my attention when I saw an ad for a digital planner. I was in awe! I didn’t know that was a thing. Like actually writing on your iPad kind of thing. It was $24.99, you had to purchase a $7.99 app and needed an Apple Pencil to use it.

I wasn’t interested in purchasing that particular planner. I didn’t like the colors, the tabs weren’t applicable to what I would use it for, the one year calendar started back in June, and I didn’t have an Apple Pencil. I just wanted to play with it. So I wrote the company asking if I could get a free download in exchange for a review - as a blogger it never hurts to ask. Well they politely said no. They’d given out their allotment of freebies to a handful of bloggers already and gave me a 10% off coupon instead. I was like thanks but no thanks.

Then I became a born again digital nerd.

I started researching how to make a digital planner. I was looking at the Post-it notes on my desk thinking it would be nice to have digital ones, in a digital notebook, on my iPad. In my research I discovered that a lot of people sell digital planners on Etsy.


Who knew!

I actually shopped around and watched a few tutorials on how to use one. I purchased the GoodNotes App for $7.99 that I would need and quickly discovered it was no fun without a digital planner imported. You can make notebooks in GoodNotes but nothing with the fancy tabs that link to other pages.

I was so close to clicking on one of the Etsy planners but the one I settled to buy was floral. I don’t like floral. She offered different covers which were all some variant of floral and all her pages were just too girly for me. I really only liked one of the pages and again it was a 12-month calendar that started in back in January. How do you even sell something for full price when it is about to expire. No thank you. 

I also wanted my planner to look real, not like a cartoon.

Giving credit where credit is due, this website helped me to understand the building concept and I got to work.

Long story short, I made my first planner last Friday. I modeled it after a tutorial and it was all the primary colors. On Saturday I hated it. I created another one with softer colors and after I imported it in, I decided I wanted it in portrait mode. Landscape would be great if you have the big iPad Pro. So I had to start from scratch to make a portrait one to fit nicely on my standard size iPad.

I finally finished tweaking my notebook the night before Hurricane Dorian was due to pass by.

I created a notebook to my specifications, primarily to write things down instead of having notebooks and Post-its everywhere. I didn’t need 12-months in the book because I use the calendar on my phone/iPad/computer in the cloud. Instead I imported the school calendar which can easily be changed out or I can make notes on it when it changes. I made one page where I would can write in the 1-word writing prompt for each day of the week, and I made pages for digital stickers etc.

Creating a digital notebook helped me with hurricane anxiety and kept me too busy to overeat hurricane snacks. I’m not saying I’ll be totally Post-it reformed but I also taught myself how to make digital sticky notes and my paperclip is super realistic - not cartoony at all.

You can place these anywhere in the planner and write on them!

You can place these anywhere in the planner and write on them!

For the record, you don’t need a fancy Apple Pencil. I got this Stylus 4-pack from Amazon and they work like a charm; better for writing on a touchscreen surface as opposed to the rubber tipped ones. For the another record though, I still want a fancy Apple Pencil.

Here’s a video I made from a screen recording of flipping through the notebook. I love it love it love it.